I can turn a jack, I can lay a track, I can pick and shovel too...

Lighting Design

From large outdoor festivals to intimate theatre, click here to view Joshua Hind's portfolio.

Lighting Design Assistance

Both Joshes have served as Assitant or Associate Lighting Designer for some of the finest producing companies in North America. Noted designers, such as Canada's Jock Munro have come to rely on their skill to aid in the successful execution of thier designs.

Services have been rendered to:

  • Cirque du Soleil (Criss Angel Believe)
  • The Canadian Stage Company (Hair, Rice Boy)
  • The National Arts Centre (The Vaudevilles of Chekhov, The Wrong Son)
  • The Canada Dance Festival (2008)

Hardware Solutions

 Josh Koffman has been called a lot of things, but a man lacking in ideas is never one of them. His electronics skills allow him to solve problems in a way that other people can't...he doesn't find solutions, he just builds them.

Maybe he can "build" you out of a problem too...

Click here for a look at some of Josh Koffman's simple and effective gadgets.

Click here for a look at some of Josh's latest creations.

CAD Services

One of the cornerstones of our business, is our expertise with Computer Assisted Design. In fact, the company was founded during our time working for Cast Software, developing both the WYSIWYG and Vivien products. So when it comes to create 2D or 3D drawings of your event. You know you're with the best.

Click here to see some of our projects.